Sunday 22nd!

Well today it's the end of my diary!

Today, after the grat party, we 've woken up at 12:00 more or less! So we were so asleep but Duna and Ivan not and they've started laughing so they've woken up the others! ¬¬
After having lunch I've been sleeping for two hours more or less and I've woken up really grooggy and angry xD

At 19:00 we've done our traditional concert of the band because of the Oil Fair. It hasn't been the best concert that we have done but also not the worst!
And after the concert I've gone back to my home and I've watched a film, I've had dinner and I've gone to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! xD

That's all!

(Good morning!!)
(The concert, my father hasn't got any idea of taking photos¬¬)
(Me, Alba and judith with the band uniform!)

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  1. A great diary Llorenç, well written and with great photos, well done.