Sunday 22nd!

Well today it's the end of my diary!

Today, after the grat party, we 've woken up at 12:00 more or less! So we were so asleep but Duna and Ivan not and they've started laughing so they've woken up the others! ¬¬
After having lunch I've been sleeping for two hours more or less and I've woken up really grooggy and angry xD

At 19:00 we've done our traditional concert of the band because of the Oil Fair. It hasn't been the best concert that we have done but also not the worst!
And after the concert I've gone back to my home and I've watched a film, I've had dinner and I've gone to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! xD

That's all!

(Good morning!!)
(The concert, my father hasn't got any idea of taking photos¬¬)
(Me, Alba and judith with the band uniform!)

Saturday 21st!

Hi again!!

Well today it has been the best day of the week!! (I write it with some lateness but it was a great day!)

That morning I could sleep a lot! I need it becaus I was exhausted af the week!
After have lunch I studied a bit of Biology but not too musch xD

And at 6pm I've gone to my friend Alba's house where some of us slept that night!
Well, we went for a walk in the Oil Fair, one of the most important festivity of my town.
In this festivity, there were concerts of a typical instrument of this region The gralla, some food samples, and at night a great folk concert.

After our walk we saw the Gralla's concert and afetr that we went to the place where the grallers plays and we have dinner! After that they started playing and all of us danced and have fun!!
One of my friend get a vit drunk but nothing grave xD

At 23:00 more or less a group of showmans made a passacaglia between the town to the enclosure where the concert was done!

There we sing, dance and have fun and more fun with friends and more friends from 23:45 to 5:30 am more or less!
When that finished we went to Alba's home and slept a bit because at midday we have to go to our houses to have lunch... I was really asleep! xD

Well that's all!
Now photos and a video of the grallers!!

(The grallers of my town playing some Abba songs!)

(The oil fair, this is a sample how was made traditionaly the olive oil)

(More oil fair)

(Me, Duna, Alba, Laia and Alba)
(Alba, Duna and Ivan)

(Playing music!)

(Laia, me, Ivan, and Alba)

(Playing drums)

(At the passacaglia with a flare!)

(The showmens... xD)

(Duna , a bit of Mady and Alba)

(Ivan and Joel)

(The concert)

Friday 20th!


Today it has been a good but exhausting day!

The morning at class, like everyday but nothing interesting. It was a normal morning.
At the afternoon I've to go to the mechanic because the battery of my moto was dead!
After that I've gone to Tortosa with some friends to paint a banner for tomorrow night for the concert that is prepared because of the local festivity "Fira de l'oli" (Oil fair). It's one of the most important festivity of our town.
It's a fair where you can taste the best olive oil and sausages. There are paint contests, a contest of jotes (traditional songs of our region), concerts, culinary competition... well there are a lot of things!

After painting the banner I've gone home and at 8:30 I've had dinner (normally I've dinner at 22:00 or 22:30 so it was very early for dinner!) because at 21:00 I've had band!
I finished at 23:30 more or less! And I was very tired! xD
And that's all for today! but tomorrow PARTY!!!!!! xD

Well some photos from our local!

Thursday 19th

Today it was a special day! As you know (because I tell you) today is a local festivity and me and my friends have gone by bike. We've gone in a way called "Via verda" (Green track) it is called like that because it's an old trains truck reformed in a track to go by bike, foot or what you want unless it is a car, moto or something with engine and because of that is green(ecologist).
It's a very long truck which goes for all our region!!
Well in morning we've got classes but only 4 so it wasn't so bad.
At 14:00 we've met for dinner in a picnic zone and after dinner we've started riding our bikes!
It was really funny and we'va had a lot of fun!!
Now I'm tired and hungry! I want my dinner!!! xD
Well the end for now!
And of course more photos from today!!

(Me and Pau!)

(Ivan, Alba and me next tio the river...funny faces xD)
(Laia, Pau, Ivan and Alba riding bikes)

(Ivan, Alba,Laia and me)

(Alba and Laia arriving to the picnic!)

(My friend Joel throwing a stone to the river!! xD)

(me eating my sandwich!!)

(me, Ivan, Alba and Laia)
(We four another time! Next to the river Ebre)
(Alba and Laia playing like childs xD)
(Ivan!! xD)

Wednesday 18Th!

Welcome again!!
Today we've started the day without our P.E teacher so we've studied for the biology exam xD
In english class we talk with huw... and after that the exam! It wasn't so difficult I think!!
At the break hour my friends and me have gone to our club or local. It's next to my friend Ivan and there we've got a playstation, a Tv, a ping-pong table, some sofas, cards... It's a relly nice place! (I 'll put some photos soon)
There we talk and laugh a lot and we forgot the classes for a half an hour.
And at the afternoon I've gone to english clases from 5 to 7 and when I've arribed home I've studied Physics because tomorrow I have an exam! (we are nearly to the final of the second evaluation because of that we have a lot of exams!)
And not more for today!
Tomorrow will be more funny because it's a local festivity!! :)
more photos!!

(Norbert in class)
(People studing before the exam!)

Tuesday 17th!

Hello again ;)
Well today it has been a normal day.
I've got up at 7:30 like all daaaaaaays...
Classes, classes and more classes! The only one that I liked today was philosophy because we saw an interesting film about the mithology.
And at afternoon two more classes! And after my classes I've had snack ( milk with cookies so goooooood xD) and later I 've had to study because tomorrow I have a biology exam but I think it's easy!
I'm waiting for Thursday because it's a local festivity called " Dijous llarder" ( Thursday lard). Traditionally people go to the field or the mountains to have a snack with friends. Nowadays there are many people who do that but my friends and me YES! We're going to go by bike to somewhere and have a good snack! (I will tell you more on thursday!)
And I'm also waiting for this weekend because it is a festivity in our town!

Well I upload some more photos from today!!!!

(Some people between classes)

(Huw in class)

( Me at the blackboard)
(My friend Martí xD)

( Can someone explain me that???? xD)

Monday 16th (First day)

Welcome to my diary!

Today I've woken up at 7:30 like all class-days...(I hate wake up early!!!). I've had my breakfast and I've gone to school by moto.
We started classes with a very boring class and I was nearly asleep xD But the second hour has been better! We've started playing baseball and, of course, we are really really bad! jaja
(here are some photos of us playing xD)


(Laia) .......................................................................(Jessica)

The morning was not more interesing... classes, photos between classes (for the comenius diary) and al 13:00 I've gone back to my home. (Normally in Mondays I go at 14:00 but today huw wasn't at school so we haven't got teacher and we go home)

After the lunch I've returned to school. And after two class hours I've gone to my english class!
(Why we have so many classes!!!!!?)
After the english class I've gone to my home and I've done my homeworks and later I've surfered the net and chatted with my friends!
And after dinner I've watched Tv a few and at 23:00 more or less I've gone to sleep!
Well I put here some photos that we have done today!!!

(My friend Joel and the head of Pau xD)

( Doing the stupid with the camera with Laia and Alba!)

(Me in class)