Saturday 21st!

Hi again!!

Well today it has been the best day of the week!! (I write it with some lateness but it was a great day!)

That morning I could sleep a lot! I need it becaus I was exhausted af the week!
After have lunch I studied a bit of Biology but not too musch xD

And at 6pm I've gone to my friend Alba's house where some of us slept that night!
Well, we went for a walk in the Oil Fair, one of the most important festivity of my town.
In this festivity, there were concerts of a typical instrument of this region The gralla, some food samples, and at night a great folk concert.

After our walk we saw the Gralla's concert and afetr that we went to the place where the grallers plays and we have dinner! After that they started playing and all of us danced and have fun!!
One of my friend get a vit drunk but nothing grave xD

At 23:00 more or less a group of showmans made a passacaglia between the town to the enclosure where the concert was done!

There we sing, dance and have fun and more fun with friends and more friends from 23:45 to 5:30 am more or less!
When that finished we went to Alba's home and slept a bit because at midday we have to go to our houses to have lunch... I was really asleep! xD

Well that's all!
Now photos and a video of the grallers!!

(The grallers of my town playing some Abba songs!)

(The oil fair, this is a sample how was made traditionaly the olive oil)

(More oil fair)

(Me, Duna, Alba, Laia and Alba)
(Alba, Duna and Ivan)

(Playing music!)

(Laia, me, Ivan, and Alba)

(Playing drums)

(At the passacaglia with a flare!)

(The showmens... xD)

(Duna , a bit of Mady and Alba)

(Ivan and Joel)

(The concert)

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