Friday 20th!


Today it has been a good but exhausting day!

The morning at class, like everyday but nothing interesting. It was a normal morning.
At the afternoon I've to go to the mechanic because the battery of my moto was dead!
After that I've gone to Tortosa with some friends to paint a banner for tomorrow night for the concert that is prepared because of the local festivity "Fira de l'oli" (Oil fair). It's one of the most important festivity of our town.
It's a fair where you can taste the best olive oil and sausages. There are paint contests, a contest of jotes (traditional songs of our region), concerts, culinary competition... well there are a lot of things!

After painting the banner I've gone home and at 8:30 I've had dinner (normally I've dinner at 22:00 or 22:30 so it was very early for dinner!) because at 21:00 I've had band!
I finished at 23:30 more or less! And I was very tired! xD
And that's all for today! but tomorrow PARTY!!!!!! xD

Well some photos from our local!

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