Thursday 19th

Today it was a special day! As you know (because I tell you) today is a local festivity and me and my friends have gone by bike. We've gone in a way called "Via verda" (Green track) it is called like that because it's an old trains truck reformed in a track to go by bike, foot or what you want unless it is a car, moto or something with engine and because of that is green(ecologist).
It's a very long truck which goes for all our region!!
Well in morning we've got classes but only 4 so it wasn't so bad.
At 14:00 we've met for dinner in a picnic zone and after dinner we've started riding our bikes!
It was really funny and we'va had a lot of fun!!
Now I'm tired and hungry! I want my dinner!!! xD
Well the end for now!
And of course more photos from today!!

(Me and Pau!)

(Ivan, Alba and me next tio the river...funny faces xD)
(Laia, Pau, Ivan and Alba riding bikes)

(Ivan, Alba,Laia and me)

(Alba and Laia arriving to the picnic!)

(My friend Joel throwing a stone to the river!! xD)

(me eating my sandwich!!)

(me, Ivan, Alba and Laia)
(We four another time! Next to the river Ebre)
(Alba and Laia playing like childs xD)
(Ivan!! xD)

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