Tuesday 17th!

Hello again ;)
Well today it has been a normal day.
I've got up at 7:30 like all daaaaaaays...
Classes, classes and more classes! The only one that I liked today was philosophy because we saw an interesting film about the mithology.
And at afternoon two more classes! And after my classes I've had snack ( milk with cookies so goooooood xD) and later I 've had to study because tomorrow I have a biology exam but I think it's easy!
I'm waiting for Thursday because it's a local festivity called " Dijous llarder" ( Thursday lard). Traditionally people go to the field or the mountains to have a snack with friends. Nowadays there are many people who do that but my friends and me YES! We're going to go by bike to somewhere and have a good snack! (I will tell you more on thursday!)
And I'm also waiting for this weekend because it is a festivity in our town!

Well I upload some more photos from today!!!!

(Some people between classes)

(Huw in class)

( Me at the blackboard)
(My friend Martí xD)

( Can someone explain me that???? xD)

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