Wednesday 18Th!

Welcome again!!
Today we've started the day without our P.E teacher so we've studied for the biology exam xD
In english class we talk with huw... and after that the exam! It wasn't so difficult I think!!
At the break hour my friends and me have gone to our club or local. It's next to my friend Ivan and there we've got a playstation, a Tv, a ping-pong table, some sofas, cards... It's a relly nice place! (I 'll put some photos soon)
There we talk and laugh a lot and we forgot the classes for a half an hour.
And at the afternoon I've gone to english clases from 5 to 7 and when I've arribed home I've studied Physics because tomorrow I have an exam! (we are nearly to the final of the second evaluation because of that we have a lot of exams!)
And not more for today!
Tomorrow will be more funny because it's a local festivity!! :)
more photos!!

(Norbert in class)
(People studing before the exam!)

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